Easter in the UK

EasterEaster is traditionally a Christian festival that celebrates the resurrection of Christ after his crucifixion.

However, in the UK most people celebrate the holiday in a secular manner. There are a number of traditions associated with Easter that you might encounter over the coming weeks.

First, it is a Bank Holiday in the UK, meaning that schools and offices are shut on Good Friday and Easter Monday (18th and 21st April, this year). So, don’t come into University or call MMU International, because we won’t be here! We’ll be at home eating lots and lots of chocolate, because the second main tradition of Easter is Easter Eggs!

Easter Eggs are chocolate eggs that are delivered by the Easter Bunny on the morning of Easter Sunday. Some children receive their eggs in a basket on the front door step but others have all the eggs hidden around the house and garden, and have to hunt for them!

Another Easter tradition is eating hot cross buns on Good Friday. A hot cross bun is a spiced sweet bun with raisins in it. According to legend, sharing a hot cross bun with another person ensures friendship for the coming year. 

Have you got any plans for Easter?



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