Valentine’s Day in the UK


Photo credit: Okishima & Simmonds (

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries on 14th February, although it is a normal working day.

It began as a celebration of the Christian Saint Valentine. The legend says that Saint Valentine of Rome was imprisoned for marrying soldiers, who were forbidden to marry, and for ministering to Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Empire. When he was in prison he healed the daughter of the jailer, and wrote her a letter signed “Your Valentine” as a farewell before his execution.

The day became associated with romantic love in 18th century England, when it became an occasion for lovers to send flowers, chocolates and Valentines cards.

Today, in the UK, just under half the population spend money on their Valentines, and around 1.3 billion pounds are spent annually on cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts, with an estimated 25 million cards being sent.

Gifts typically include red roses and chocolates packed in a red satin, heart shaped box. New traditions are created every year with the rise of the internet, including e-cards, love coupons and printable greeting cards.

 We’re not very romantic here in MMU International, so this is our favourite Valentines card:

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