A day in the life of….Exchanges and Study Abroad Administrator

photoMeet Andy, our Exchanges and Study Abroad Administrator. Andy graduated from MMU in June 2013 with a First Class degree in Computer and Network Technology. While an MMU student, Andy worked as a Student Ambassador, helping with Exchanges and the International Welcome.

A typical day for Andy starts with a hot dog on his way into the office. When he arrives, Andy checks in with the Student Hub staff to see if any students have submitted documents to the Exchanges team.

Andy’s first big job of the day is processing students’ applications that have arrived in the post.  First, he inputs all the details into the Exchanges database. He then passes a copy of the application to the Direct Admissions team, for inputting into the student records system. Andy sends the original copy to the departmental coordinator so that they can make a decision on whether to issue an offer. Once Andy receives a positive response, he sends the offer out to the student.

Andy then checks any urgent emails that have arrived overnight and responds to student and staff emails and over the phone.

Andy works closely with the Finance team to get students’ Erasmus grants paid to them. He receives the documents that students submit and then gets approval from departmental coordinators at both MMU and the students’ host institution.

If Andy does not have to deliver an Exchanges talk, he is planning talks for students about their exchange options for the academic year 2014/2015.

A large part of Andy’s job involves working closely with MMU’s partner institutions to provide accurate course information and ensure that the course is the right fit for the student’s exchange.

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